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Licensing too complicted

The licensing process is way too complcated, with tons of docuemnts, pdf, word docs, websites with several subpages to assign first domains then users to the domain and then a procduct , this is really annyoing!!!

  • Guest
  • Oct 25 2021
  • Admin
    Daniel Bishop commented
    22 Mar, 2022 01:19pm

    Hi. Thanks for this feedback. I can see that you have a Practitioner license that has been assigned to you. Is this working for you now? Can you tell me what the hurdle was in getting it running?

  • Layne LaJoy commented
    22 Mar, 2022 02:58am

    I am retired, used intergraph workstations from 1986 until it became PC based. I then used Microstation, Inroads and Inbridge, I retired in 2014. I decided I wanted to use this to do drawings for my house and other projects for friends, so I downloaded the free trial on March 6, felt good about how it was working and bought the subscription on March 17, been working since 4:00 this morning and still cannot get microstation to open. I need microstation not so much all of this other stuff, I do understand why you need the security, all I want is to be able to use it at my house, or take my laptop to where I need to measure and input existing conditions. All I really wanted was to pay to continue using my free trial.

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2022 04:59am

    I cannot believe how complicated Bentley is. They charge a ridiculous amount of money, want it in advance, I am trying to renew a subscription and it is so fucking complicated I will probably be retired before I can do it. Complete bullshit.

  • Guest commented
    8 Dec, 2021 05:30pm

    Why doesn't the "license display" display checked out licenses.

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov, 2021 06:26pm

    not able to renew licenses ..very complicated and frustrating

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2021 01:52pm

    Agreed, im 48 hours in and still faffing about in the worlds most overly complicated control panel.

    beyond frustrating isnt it.

  • Admin
    Daniel Bishop commented
    25 Oct, 2021 12:26pm

    Thanks for your feedback. What you're describing in the claiming of a domain and users was put in place for the security of your data and your licenses. We can look at streamlining the process for Practitioner licenses, though.