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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit SESANA-I-6 Restrict users for exceeding licences.

stop overages Merged

I saw the similar requests, but decided to still add mine as new one.

Latest Connect versions and the updated license management tools under Entitlement Management (EM) allows me as administrator to grant access to a user to particular application (the users cannot just run whatever they want). And under EM – Access and Alerting -- [application] -- License Alerting I can enable alerts for this application to notify the user if they exceed the number of available/owned licenses. That’s an improvement (after about what 5-6 years?). The problem is that the software gives a user an option to proceed and run the software. So, the fundamental issue with Benltey licensing is still not resolved - it does not allow to cap the max number of licenses preventing accidental, not authorized use of software which results in QTL charges.

However, now with all new configurations in place, it should be relatively easy to add. Just add another option under User Settings -- User In-ApplicationAlerts: "Do not allow access the application". When this option specified, do not let the user to run the software if they would go over the specified number of licenses.

If needed, this way still would allow to rent under QTL by simply adjusting the number of licenses to the desired limit. Simple, but still controlled by administrator. Because when we rent, we still want to have the limit (pre-approved).

And if someone wants to go "unlimited" (not sure who wants that), it will be an option – either disable the alert or increase the limit to the max.

I believe this change will give the required level of control over the licenses to the administrator and eliminate all problems with invalid QTL invoices cause by accidental overruns.

  • Andy Kudak
  • Nov 3 2020
  • Guest commented
    12 May, 2021 02:58pm

    The response from Daniel Bishop is just not good enough. There are countless other threads asking for a hard limit on the number of licences that can be used, or asking for all requests to overuse to be authorised by a named admin. Please listen to your customers.

  • Guest commented
    21 Apr, 2021 08:45am

    This is a fundamental policy that should be implemented. We use the software in a University setting, and training 38,000 students to not use overages who now all see the SELECT subscription due to increased visibility due to online working in not physically possible.

  • Guest commented
    22 Feb, 2021 02:22pm

    Real time licensing is indeed possible. Many other softwares use this exact model for determining if the user can be allowed access. Softrack is a good example, Bentley should at the user side give the administrator the option to track and limit licenses with a local utility.

  • Ryan Catling commented
    7 Jan, 2021 11:33pm

    I support the comments made by Guest on 06 Jan 2021.

  • Andy Kudak commented
    6 Jan, 2021 08:52pm

    Sorry, I don’t think this is appropriate/acceptable response. It seems that Bentley still missing a point – the end user is NOT authorized to purchase any software. They cannot make that decision, neither should they. And we should not be training our users on something that they are not responsible for and should not be doing in the first place.

    Since this whole QTL thing started, I’ve been getting the answer from the Bentley reps – that it was not possible to implement. But now it is. Just add another option as suggested above.

  • Admin
    Daniel Bishop commented
    5 Jan, 2021 07:34pm

    As you note, we do already give you the ability to inform the users that the current session they're about to start may put them over the threshold. We also give you the ability to add your own note to that message so they can get specific instructions from you in these cases. You also have notification options as well as reporting available in Subscription Analytics to see which users are continuing in to the product. That should give you the opportunity to train those users to make appropriate decisions.