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Restrict users for exceeding licences

Nobody wants an overage fee. How can we prevent overages from happening. Is there a way to restrict users once your licence limit has been reached? If not, there should be. Generating a report telling us we over the limit is useless. Prevention is the key.

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  • May 18 2020
  • Mark Garand commented
    20 Jun 08:36pm

    As a new Bently user I was immediatly shocked to see that it woudl be possible to inadvertanly exceed license usage without the ability to control it. Please consider correcting this.

  • Sonia Lodovichetti commented
    9 May 12:34pm

    As a licensee of your product, we believe that it is mandatory to have efficient license management to avoid overages and optimize resource utilization. We need Bentley to implement restrictions on license exceedance. This proactive measure is imperetive in preventing unnecessary charges and ensuring optimal utilization of our licenses.

  • James Reed commented
    16 Apr 07:28pm

    Bentley needs to include a way to limit not only owned (perpetual) licenses, but term licenses as well. I am in a small company with 5 users in 3 different offices. Three of the users are 80% of the time. We use our 2 OpenRoads licenses (perpetual licenses), and generally hit a 3 licenses as a term license. Trying to manage all 5 to not hit a fourth license (a second TL) is what I am trying to achieve. Can't imagine how difficult it is for more users than that in a larger outfit. Needs to be set up to allow a company to limit all license types, by number, by the administrator.

  • Kip Ping commented
    14 Mar 03:31pm

    I'm not surprised at all that the count is to 207. I've been complaining about this for years including an hour long discussion with a VP years ago who admitted it is not the industry norm and is not a good solution for the engineering software we use (RAM products).

    We use Softrack to eliminate the overages. It is well worth the small cost since it makes the licensing work the way virtually all other network licensing works - you set the license limit and it prevents the users from opening an overuse. The guys there are very helpful and will even assist you in setting it all up after initial purchase. Since we installed the software Bentley tried on two occasions to bill us for overages they claimed we had. The guys at Softrack helped us provide logs that proved Bentley's accounting was wrong and we had not overused licenses. We sent that info to Bentley and never heard about it again. One wonders how many times their overages were wrong when I didn't have proof we didn't overuse.

  • NAT Helpdesk commented
    13 Mar 03:40pm

    I am very surprised that Bentley has received feedback from 206 companies with a clear mandate to change the unsatisfactory situation, but has not yet offered a solution.

  • Abdul Basit commented
    15 Feb 05:02am

    License must not issue without Admin Approval. User acknowledgement should forwarded to admin for approval.

  • Rob Thompson commented
    24 Jan 08:01pm

    We have resorted to using a 3rd party product called Softrack to manage our Concept use. It requires that "agents" get installed on PC's where users could potentially use the product, and a manager on the server keeps track of whether a seat is available. Seems to work pretty slick once setup. It costs, but not as much as the Bentley fees...

  • Jordi Vázquez commented
    28 Nov, 2023 01:23pm

    In my company we have impossible alerts for license usage limits. We have 3 perpetual licenses, 3 users and it warns us that we are going to exceed the use of licenses..... The answer is let's look at web analytics. Thank you

  • Isaac Loebsack commented
    19 Oct, 2023 07:02pm

    We have a system of dedicated computers set up to remote into to restrict usage, but with the 10 minute usage interval there are occasions where overages will occur based on the number of licenses we have. A setting to now allow term license usage would be the most effective way to prevent the quarterly term license invoices.

  • Kevin McGrath commented
    16 Oct, 2023 06:30pm

    Yes please!! Our company has been struggling with open access Bentley licensing policies for years. We require all of our users to check-out licenses on an internally managed spreadsheet and immediately close the software when alerted of a potential overage, but we still somehow generate the occasional quarterly invoice. The overage is almost always some brief interval of less than an hour. Very frustrating!

    Bentley licensing policies are an administrative burden on our accounting department, our software administrator, and our engineering staff. Administrators should be the only people authorized to generate purchases for the business. A simple administrator approval requirement would solve these problems.

  • Mike Hathaway commented
    15 Aug, 2023 07:50pm

    There is a fix. Bentley just doesn't promote it at all. The fix is far from hard but it also substantially less intuitive. You will not stumble upon it accidentally. But, once implemented correctly, it works. BE SURE AND NOT ALLOW OFFLINE USAGE. Or, you guessed it, you will be charged.

  • Christopher Bolton commented
    1 Aug, 2023 05:31pm

    As a small to mid-sized business, we appreciate the flexibility that open licensing provides however we are very averse to unplanned costs. We would like the flexibility to have many more users installed with Bentley software but when the concurrent total is hit, we would also like the ability to deny additional users access. The current notification system does not allow us to create this kind of wall. I understand that some businesses need to take advantage of the term license model but for those of us who do not want that, Bentley should allow us to place a block.

  • Michel Chaney commented
    5 Jul, 2023 01:04pm

    with so many votes one must wonder if the monetary gain of this practice outweights the loss of trust and reputation that comes with all those suprise bills

  • Mikołaj Jaczyński commented
    13 Jun, 2023 10:20am

    Dear Bentley Support,

    I'm really sad to read those all of comments below. Is it really so difficult to add a tool/option for administrator to decide who or whether could open application with exceed usage?

  • Mike O'Neal commented
    10 Jun, 2023 01:09am

    This practice needs to be stopped with a simple lockout without a secondary Admin authorization when licenses are not available. This is a very unfair practice to subject your client to.

  • Arthur Tai commented
    10 May, 2023 01:59pm

    Having a switch in the system that do NOT allow users to go beyond the license is a must for proper resources management and it should be very easy to implement. Being in a public organization where everything has to be budgeted and approved, the surprise billings will cause issues.

  • Jason Da Silva commented
    18 Apr, 2023 03:05am

    This seems to be the most logical approach.

    The end user should not be permitted to make company financial decisions.

    Present us with the choice to lock out completely, or administrator password to accept the over-usage.

  • Andrew Lozupone commented
    8 Mar, 2023 05:24pm

    The lack of being able to restrict users from exceeding licenses is an extremely predatory practice. The majority of our users do not and should not have the authority to, in essence, purchase a license for a quarter for use for 10 minutes.

  • Michelle Fillingim commented
    6 Feb, 2023 09:32pm

    I just got a bill for $783 for ONE overage day. I had to spend hours with support/billing to get the fee waived. AND, it wasn't even our fault - we had everything set correctly to notify us if we are attempting to open the software and therer are no licenses left. Our notification history was empty. So, the software let someone open it even though we had it set to give the notification. AWFUL policy.

  • Ahmad Nasr commented
    19 Jan, 2023 07:51am

    this post has been since 2020 and there has been no solution till now, it's not normal to issue invoices overused for unused licenses and managing large companies isn't easy, all other software providers have restrictions not opening the app if the users number is exceeded

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